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Our faith is a spiritually alive and justice-centered religion. Unitarian Universalists search for truth along many paths. Instead of centering our religion on specific beliefs, we gather around shared moral values that include the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

"Our Mission is to inspire more people to lead lives of meaning and purpose."

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Freedom of Mind and Soul

Sunday, February 25, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart, Worship Leader

Worship Associate: Maura Garin

On January 13, 2018, we marked the 450th anniversary of The Edict of Torda – one of the world’s first statements of religious freedom, issued by a religious gathering in eastern Europe, presided over by the first Unitarian King. In recent decades, dozens of American Unitarian Universalist congregations have formed partnerships with the congregations that grew out of that tradition – including West Shore. What do we have to learn from this brave history, and the perseverance of our Transylvanian Unitarian cousins?


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