Welcome to West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Our faith is a spiritually alive and justice-centered religion. Unitarian Universalists search for truth along many paths. Instead of centering our religion on specific beliefs, we gather around shared moral values that include the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

"Our Mission is to inspire more people to lead lives of meaning and purpose."

Upcoming Sunday Sermons

Spending Time With the Truth

Sunday, April 30, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart & Rev. Chris Long, Worship Leaders

This is an unusual Sunday service, at an unusual and urgent time in our faith. The Unitarian Universalist Association Board, the UU Ministers Association, and the Liberal Religious Educators Association among others are urging all UUA congregations to heed a call from Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) - to hold a "Teach-In" on the painful reality of racial inequity in our country, and in Unitarian Universalism. Many of us now understand American culture to be steeped in assumptions of "white supremacy.” Just what is the truth? And how shall we respond?


Of Acorns and Oak Trees

Sunday, May 7, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart, Worship Leader

Each of us is born into a particular family, community, culture and time of history; each person is shaped by their context, as well as their biology. Then the story gets interesting. Life happens, and people change – sometimes a little, sometimes profoundly, and almost never without pain.


A UU Celebration of Flowers and Age of Reason Children

Sunday, May 14, 10:15 AM

Layne Richard-Hammock, Worship Leader

Worship Associate: Marilyn Weske

A service rich in traditions old and new – in reflection, song, and celebration – including our annual Flower Communion, symbolizing the beauty and richness of this multigenerational West Shore community. We will also mark the first annual graduation ceremony for nine of our 2nd and 3rd-grade children who have completed the Age of Reason program, sharing their credos from the pulpit. Parents will be witnesses for their children, offering words of appreciation and hopes for the future. Remember to bring a flower for every member of your family, and plan to join the Age of Reason children and their families in Baker Hall for a cake reception after the service.

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