Welcome to West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Our faith is a spiritually alive and justice-centered religion. Unitarian Universalists search for truth along many paths. Instead of centering our religion on specific beliefs, we gather around shared moral values that include the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

"Our Mission is to inspire more people to lead lives of meaning and purpose."

Upcoming Sunday Sermons

Imagine 2023

Sunday, October 22, 10:15 AM

Rev. Chris Long and Rev. Patricia Hart,
and the Dreaming Team 
West Shore has long been known for transformative social and racial justice efforts within the congregation and in the larger community. What if we imagine, together, moving more deeply into the vision of a more racially and socially just church, community, and world, letting our relationships with each other and UU Principle Three guide us? How could a “Faith Development Strategy and Process” lead us closer to living more fully into what we profess, and engage more fully within the community? 2017 CONNECTION FAIR after the service!

When Veils are Thin

Sunday, October 29, 10:15 AM

Worship Leader, Rev. Patricia Hart

Worship Associate: Dana Morgan

A multigenerational celebration of life, inspired by traditions from the "Day of the Dead." All generations are most welcome in this service, during which we will remember loved ones no longer with us. Bring pictures or objects that represent people or pets who have died.


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