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We are commited to affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all people:

We support the full rights and participation of our bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian and genderqueer members and friends;

West Shore is committed to being an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural congregation.

Welcome to West Shore
Unitarian Universalist Church

"Our Mission is to inspire more people
to lead lives of meaning and purpose."

9:30 & 11:15 a.m.
Sunday, September 21

When the Center Does Not Hold

Service offered by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

In Yeat's poem, "The Second Coming," he writes..."Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."  How do we find our center when both our personal and global life feels as if they're fast unraveling? What religious insight and spiritual practices might help us hold ourselves and our world together? For more information about Sunday at West Shore click here.


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