Our mission:  “To Inspire More People to Lead Lives of Meaning and Purpose.”
How do we do that? We do this in three ways; Connecting you to your highest values and to others who share them; Providing opportunities for you to grow in wisdom and compassion and to inspire you to serve needs greater than your own.

 First, we hope you’ll regularly attend worship on Sunday mornings.  It’s the place where liberal religious values are expressed, supported, encouraged and sustained.  It’s where we hear practical applications to the big questions of life.  It’s where we provide an environment for children and youth to learn, grow and to be able to live their values.

One of the ways we can CONNECT is by enjoying a great concert and evening on February 14, 2016. 

Connecting you to others who share them?Well, maybe everyone won’t share all your values, but you’ll enjoy exploring them together!Here are some suggestions:

Path to Membership  Participating in a church community is great; becoming a member and being a part of the community is better.Click here to find out about the 4 steps towards becoming a member.

 CARE Covenant – The CARE covenant offers guidelines for how we are to live together in community with one another.Usually, it’s pretty easy going, but if you find yourself in conflict with another church member or a staff member, this provides a process for handling conflict.

 Church Activities – We have them. A lot of them.  And more spring up every year. They range from drop-in/no commitment/no sign up required to regular attendance is part of the expectation.  You are encouraged to just visit a group without the expectation of becoming a member for your first year of membership – just to see if there is a good “fit.”

Pastoral Care – Everybody needs somebody sometime.  Maybe it’s some food after you’ve been hospitalized, or a friendly, non-judgmental ear to listen to a concern you have in confidence.Perhaps you’re in need of financial assistance, or having a life crisis, or other needs. The pastoral care presence of West Shore tries to connect member to member in a supportive, caring environment.  West Shore is offering something called UU've Got a Friend, which is a network of members, organized by zip codes and neighborhoods, who agree to be in touch with one another and offer support when needed.  Click here for more information about how you can participate in a UU've Got a Friend.