In Reach & Engagement

Mission and Vision of the Committee

Our mission is: to increase each member’s engagement with fellow members and with the larger church life.

Our vision is: the creation of a community of abundance, joy, love, and gratitude.

Our values are: time, talents, treasure, trust, and togetherness.

Our central beliefs are:

  • Generosity – when we give more, we receive more
  • Desire for the beloved community – where we need not think alike to love alike
  • Service – we give to that which is greater than ourselves
  • Daring greatly – we need to take risks to achieve greatness

The committee meets weekly on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am to approximately 9 am from fall through the beginning of summer, with occasional meetings during summer months. Current members include Soren Hansen, Tom Smith (temporary hiatus), Laird Wynn, April Stoltz, Sarah Soper, interim minister Tricia Hart, and Annita Keane. For further information on the committee’s activities, please contact Sarah Soper via email.

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