PUURL stands for Practicing a UU Religious Life

Adult Religious Education at West Shore.

Practicing a Unitarian Universalist Religious Life can be as disciplined as you like. We have developed an all-inclusive program of lifespan religious education that involves Mind, Heart, Spirit and Body. Descriptions of each of these quadrants, and the practices they entail are described below.

THE MIND QUADRANT involves academic study, didactic learning and conversation. This important component of any religious and spiritual discipline and practice has been where Unitarian Universalists have historically excelled and placed great emphasis. At West Shore, our engagement with Mind includes lectures, forums, classes, and book discussion on the great themes of religion.

THE HEART QUADRANT involves exercising our creativity and compassion. Through various small group opportunities we come to know ourselves and others more deeply. Developing an art practice or studying and engaging more intensely with an already established art. Heart work can also be social justice work as well; engaging with important social issues by putting our heart into action.

THE SPIRIT QUADRANT has three components: spiritual discipline, liturgy, and work with a spiritual teacher. PUURL can include taking up or continuing the formal practice of a spiritual discipline that you do on a regular or daily basis. Liturgy means “the people’s work.” It is an expression of the underlying religious truths. Working with a spiritual teacher may include deeper engagement with a practice or spiritual director.

THE BODY QUADRANT includes explorations of our physical body as a vehicle for self-realization that includes our whole being. It also includes service opportunities. We seek to put our bodies where our minds and hearts are, by taking the risk of involvement in social service and justice work. Body practices have also included such activities like yoga, tai chi and other forms of body work.