Programs for Children and Youth

Our religious education program for children and youth described in the RE Prospectus,  produced each Fall, exemplifies the idea that the most important lessons are not those that can be written down in books—they must be lived into life. Programs include social responsibility projects as well as opportunities to reflect and ponder, question and discuss.

West Shore’s religious education program:

  • fosters an atmosphere of spiritual education in which individuals and their decisions are respected; nurtures spiritual exploration and ethical decision-making through meditation, discussion, and community service; provides opportunities for meaningful relationships with other church members and with our wider community.

  • promotes understanding of participation in Unitarian Universalism; provides opportunities for the study of the history, spirituality, and ritual of the world's religious traditions, especially our Judeo-Christian heritage; promotes religious education as a lifelong creative process.

  • provides opportunities for examination of important questions concerning the existence and nature of God and the meaning of our lives; fosters appreciation for the rich tapestry of spiritual life.

  • envisions and enacts this mission through diverse religious experiences, and the intelligent, open formation of beliefs as suits a free church.

Elements constituting the program include classroom, Children's Chapel, personal reflection and prayer, classroom study, fellowship through Junior Choir and Youth activities, community action and leadership opportunities for Chalice Lighters.

Please click on Frequently Asked Questions to learn more specific information about our religious education programming. A registration form may be accessed and completed on-line. For further information, please contract Layne Richard Hammock, Acting Director of Lifespan Faith Development.