Internships at West Shore: A Teaching Congregation

Since the 1980's, West Shore has offered internships to train candidates for the ministry in the practical arts of congregational parish ministry. We offer internships every other year; the next internship cycle will begin in the Fall of 2015. Interns serve from September - June with a possible option of serving as West Shore's summer minister. Attached is a history of West Shore's internship program.

A note to prospective interns: Please go to the Internship Clearinghouse Website for the most current and up to date information about West Shore's Intership Program. We are a full service teaching congregation with two ministers (one full-time position), an experienced Ministerial Intern Committee, a seasoned and long-time committed staff, and plenty of opportunities to preach, teach, listen, learn and leave your own unique legacy upon this congregation. We look forwad to meeting you soon!

Thanks to Intern Committee Member Soren Hansen for compiling this history.  The list of West Shore's interns are below:

Audrey Vincent - 1985

Kathleen Rolenz - 1992

Linda Hansen 1993-1994

Scott Prinster 1995-1996

Paul Beedle 1997 - 1998

Millie Rochester 2002-2003

Tamara Lebak 2004-2005

Neal Anderson 2007 - 2008

Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe 2009 - 2010

Evin Carvill Ziemer 2010 - 2012 (half time)

Matthew McHale 2013 - 2014

Holly Mueller - intern for the 2015-2016 church year

Quotes about the Internship Experience at West Shore from former interns:

The Intern Minister prepares a written report for our church's Annual Report. We include some selected comments from those reports relating to their time at West Shore:

Intern Minister Evin Carvill-Ziemer [2011; 2012]

My learning and serving goals covered the spectrum of ministerial duties ... I had the opportunity to do more with intergenerational worship ... which was really ta high point of the year for me. ... I'm particularly appreciative of Wayne and Kathleen's mentoring and encouragement and the steadfast presence and assistance of the Intern Committee ...[who] have been very supportive of the balance I am trying to learn between ministry and parenting.

Intern Minister Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe [2010]

I have grown to love this congregation and the members, friends, and staff who are part of it. I have learned so much and feel a stronger sense of my own ministry and how want to be in that ministry. ... My biggest areas of growth and learning have been in stewardship, capital campaign, finance, and budgets. ... [T]his congregation ... holds a special place in my heart and the lessons I learned here will live in my future ministry. ... West Shore being a teaching congregation matters in my life and the lives of all of the people who come after.

Intern Minister Tamara Lebak [2005]

What an amazing gift my time with you has been! ... I have benefited tremendously from the congregation's grace and flexibility and feel that I have begun to see the impact of my engagement with this community. I am drawn to reflect on our first service in which we covenanted together. The congregation committed to offer support and to challenge, to share and to welcome, and to permit mistakes made. I promised to minister to the best of my ability, to cherish and to challenge, and to also to permit mistake made. We have done well.

Intern Minister Millie Rochester [2003]

My goals for the year were outlined in a Learning/Service Agreement initiated in September; in the broadest sense, to perceive myself as a minister, in contrast to an experienced lay leader.

Intern Minister Paul Beedle [1998]

I reflect with wonder and gratitude that, by grace and good fortune, I came to West Shore to do my internship. I am grateful:

  • to have found, sight unseen, a church with so many resources and opportunities for learning.
  • to have ... two excellent supervisors to encourage, prod, cajole, confront, and challemge me to become the best minister I can be.
  • to have confronted and befriended some of my doubts and fears about myself in ministry.
  • that my intern committee has kept after me to get a life outside the church.
  • to have learned new skills and discovered unsuspected gifts for worship, teaching, and pastoral care.
  • for the support and enthusiasm ... all [church members] have shown me this year.

Intern Minister Scott Prinster [1996]

West Shore has earned a reputation in our denomination as a tremendous teaching church for intern ministers. ... we are able to take with us many lessons and memories of how a healthy church can operate. The whole denomination profits when we commit ourselves to train student ministers to be caring, capable religious leaders. ... I am grateful and honored to have been able to serve such a healthy, vibrant and passionate congregation.

Intern Minister Linda Hansen [1994]

The most helpful thing about your internship program is its breadth (which does not at all exclude depth). ... I've said to many people during the year that I think I lucked into the best internship site in the denomination. You are an incredibly aware and welcoming congregation; I am growing into the role of minister because you are treating me as one.

Intern Minister Kathy Rolenz [1992]:

Being the intern minister at West Shore is like attending an enormous potluck. There is so much to sample that I want to try it all! ... I know that the things I have learned here, the rich experiences that I have had, will shape and influence my future ministry. I am glad to hear that you plan to keep West Shore a teaching church. This demonstrates your commitment to not only the church itself, but to a larger liberal religious vision.