Memorial Services

Unitarian Universalists generally believe that what is most important about dying is how a person lived his or her life and what made that individual unique. Our memorial services (also called A Celebration of Life) offer reflection on the larger themes of life and our mortality instead of contemplations about the afterlife.  Our memorial services are deeply personal, which requires one of the ministers to meet with the family in advance of the service to plan and prepare an appropriate tribute to an individual’s life.

The service is often composed of favorite readings or hymns of the deceased; a celebration of life is generally given by the minister, and sometimes pictures or a Power Point slide show are part of the service.


Members of West Shore

There is no honorarium for current or Emeritus church members. For those persons with a previous association with the church who are no longer active members, the ministers will gladly offer their services. A donation to the church’s Memorial Gifts Fund is requested.


The minister’s request an honorarium of $200 for memorial services for non-members, $250 with a Celebration of Life Biographical Eulogy. Graveside services may be discussed with the minister.  In addition to the honorarium, there are fees associated with the use of the Sanctuary, Chapel, Baker Hall and/or other spaces. Please contact Business administrator Debbie Elliott (440-333-2255 ext. 100) during regular business hours to discuss availability.