The Legacy Society

The planned giving program at West Shore Church which encourages thoughtful gifts to build an endowment that supports program and outreach. Your legacy gift will ensure the continued health and vitality of the congregation, so that today's children and youth will become tomorrow's liberal religious leaders representing the values you care about. 

Funding Our Heritage

West Shore's financial stability is supported by three venues of giving:

You Can Leave A Legacy

There are a variety of ways which you can make a difference in the life of West Shore. Some of these include making a bequest (instructions in your will), life insurance (naming West Shore as an owner or beneficiary of the policy), a life-estate agreement (transfer the title of a residence or farm to West Shore while retaining the use of the real estate for life), gift annuity (appreciated stock or other property), charitable reminder trust (gift payment income to you or to your named beneficiaries), retirement plan assets (name West Shore as a beneficiary of an IRA 401 (s) or other retirement plan), contingency planning (naming West Shore as a beneficiary should other beneficiaries pre-decease.)

A member of the Legacy Society Team would be happy to discuss your Legacy Gift. Call the Church Office (440-333-2255) and ask to make an appointment with a Legacy Society representative.