The Annual Stewardship Campaign: 
Making Soup from a Stone

This year’s stewardship theme is “Stone Soup.” It’s a story with a powerful lesson that teaches us about what can happen when we have a spirit of giving. The lead characters in this old folk tale are two travelers teaching a town how to make a “Stone Soup” feast, after everyone in town thought they didn’t have enough food.

Our co-ministers are a lot like the two travelers. They can’t cook the soup themselves, and the stone with which they start the soup has nothing to do with how it all tastes and nourishes in the end. That nourishment comes from how everybody in town participates in cooking the soup together with their own individual contribution.

The generosity extended in the form of a pledge to next year’s operating budget is part of a “Stone Soup” we are creating together to nourish us beyond the needs of next year’s operating budget. Your co-ministers had a good long stay at West Shore, but they were always travelers and now they’re moving on. The town remains. Your most generous pledge for next year is a way of saying... “I’m here now. I’m part of this town. I’m not waiting anything out, and I’m enjoying the “Stone Soup” we make together.”

With Your Financial Support

We grow spiritually with year-round worship, sermons that challenge and inspire, music from and for our hearts, and our ministry groups.

We build our beloved community. West Shore is a place to welcome visitors, find friends, have fun, and grow together. We care for each other, provide support in times of need, and rejoice in our shared community.

We care for our congregational home, which requires heat, electricity, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

We teach our children and youth in lively religious education programs and expand our horizons with a vibrant adult education program.

We build social responsibility with programs for the homeless, marriage equality, peace advocacy, and support for undoing racism.

We gain from the perspectives and experiences of intern ministers and help them prepare for their own ministries.

We support the environment by reducing our energy consumption and promoting and teaching sustainability and conservation.

We support national and regional UU organizations that give voice to our UU principles.

We provide for an exceptional staff who enrich our lives and support the work of this congregation.