Joining Voices... A Chorus of Hope

Listen here to a collection of West Shore voices.


Energy is high, testimonials are inspiring, programs abound... West Shore is thriving this Spring and already making plans for a larger and more effective presence in the coming year. Now, we need to know that we can pay for it!
Please take a few minutes to make your pledge on-line through Realm (see instructions below) or fill out one of the colorful commitment forms. If you need another copy, email Suehana Kieres ( or pick one up at the Stewardship table in the Rotunda on Sunday.

Don't wait - do it today. Thanks for your support!

How To Make a Pledge on Realm

To set up a pledge:
1.Log into the site.
2.Click Giving on the main menu.
3.Click +Pledge, enter your pledge information and save.


To Track your pledges:
1.Log into the site.
2.Click Giving on the main menu.
3.If you have active pledges, they will display on the page.
Note: If you already have a pledge for current pledge campaigns, this button will not appear.

With Your Financial Support

We grow spiritually with year-round worship, sermons that challenge and inspire, music from and for our hearts, and our ministry groups.

We build our beloved community. West Shore is a place to welcome visitors, find friends, have fun, and grow together. We care for each other, provide support in times of need, and rejoice in our shared community.

We care for our congregational home, which requires heat, electricity, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

We teach our children and youth in lively religious education programs and expand our horizons with a vibrant adult education program.

We build social responsibility with programs for the homeless, marriage equality, peace advocacy, and support for undoing racism.

We gain from the perspectives and experiences of intern ministers and help them prepare for their own ministries.

We support the environment by reducing our energy consumption and promoting and teaching sustainability and conservation.

We support national and regional UU organizations that give voice to our UU principles.

We provide for an exceptional staff who enrich our lives and support the work of this congregation.