First Time and Beyond

What time does the service start?

The Sunday morning service begins at 10:15 a.m. Religious Education classes (Sunday School) for all ages, infants through high school, are held at the same time as the worship services, from September - May.   Child care is available for children six and under during the summer.Older children are with their parents.

Parking & entering the building.

Our main parking lot off Hilliard Blvd. and is readily visible from the street. Parking is available in the parking lot, on Hilliard Blvd. in front of the church, on Northview and Lakeview Blvds.Since parking is tight, you may want to arrive a little early.If you are able-bodied and don’t mind walking, consider leaving available parking spaces for seniors or the otherly-abled who may be unable to walk very far.In the spring, summer and fall we put out a bike rack on the Hilliard Blvd. side of the building. Please respect the designated handicapped spaces, in the front of the building (Hilliard Rd drive in front of the church) and on the side.

You may enter the building from the East Entrance (under the sign that says "One Church, Many Paths) or use the Sanctuary doors located in the front of the church.

Visiting with children? We’re delighted!

During the church year (Sept – May), children are encouraged to attend our Religious Education programs,except on the Sundays when we have a Multi generational Service or when everyone begins in the sanctuary. On those days, everyone six years old and above comes to church service. Otherwise, when you arrive with your children, a greeter will spot you and direct you to our Director of Lifespan Faith Development and/or the appropriate classroom. Some families prefer to keep their child or children with them on a first visit. You are welcome to bring your children into the sanctuary with you and worship as a family. We offer activity boxes to help occupy fidgety children, available in the foyer outside the sanctuary. We also have a family room found in the Rotunda Lounge, just off the main Rotunda, with video & audio feed. Breastfeeding mothers also can use this private space.   The services can also be heard through speakers near the lounge area in the Rotunda near the courtyard entrance or in the Fireside Room if you need to remove a crying child from the sanctuary.

Stop by the Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center is located in the hallway directly across from the church office. It is staffed by church volunteers and members of the Membership Committee. If you’d like to receive information about the church, please sign our guest book, take a name tag and let us help orient you to the building and/or the service.

Accessibility & special needs.

With the exception of the choir loft, all spaces in the renovated building are fully accessible. Hearing assist devices are available at the church office upon request; large-print orders of service and hymnals are available. Wheelchairs and a walker are available in the coat room foyer for Sunday morning use. Ask an usher for assistance.  For those with chemical sensitivities, we generally purchase fragrant free cleaning products. We ask all church members and visitors to consider the possible impact of the use of perfume, aftershave, hairsprays, etc. on others. In the event of a potluck, consider labeling your food so that individuals with allergies and special diets can make informed choices.

What do I wear? What’s the feel of the service?

People dress in many different ways for church, according to their habit and taste. Most dress informally. It is not uncommon for jeans and T-shirts to worship next to suits and dresses!

You will be greeted by an usher, and offered an order of service, which will help you follow the service, and which includes some information about upcoming events. During the summer months, you’ll see fewer families with children than in the fall season. Child care is available for infants to 4 years of age.