Sunday Morning

Upcoming Sermons

Music and Spirituality

Sunday, July 23, 10:15 AM 

Maura Garin, Worship Leader
Dana Morgan, Worship Associate

Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” How does music affect your spiritual life? During this service, we will explore the influence that music has on our spirituality and in our daily lives.

The Spirituality of Words

Sunday, July 30, 10:15 AM

Barbara Walker, Worship Leader

Dana Morgan, Worship Associate

Let's have a conversa on about the Spirituality of Words. Words that have shaped Us, individually and collectively. These words, that thrill us, the ones that scare us, and the ones we refuse to say...they ALL MATTER. They are all a part of defining who we are as a spiritual being and community.

Worship Associates

Martha Boesel. Maura Garin. Dana Morgan.
Christine Salontay. Barbara Walker.

                   Marilyn Weske. Tom Williams.                                                

Worship Associates are integral to the worship life of the congregation. Liturgy means "the people 's work" and it is the task of the worship associate to bring the voice of the congregation into the worship service. Worship Associates serve as liturgists of the congregation, working with the minister to help shape word, song, mood and theme of the service. They may write an original invocation, prayer or benediction. They assist with all the technical "set up" of the service, from ensuring there is enough gel to ignite a flame to looking up and marking hymns in the hymnal. Sometimes, worship associates may deliver a piece of the sermon; or, in the summer, they have the option of doing a sermon and a service by themselves. WA's meet monthly for review of past services, to look ahead at future ones and to discuss monthly themes. Individual worship associates will meet with the minister about ten days to a week in advance of the service (longer if possible) to discuss his/her role in the service.


Are You Interested in Becoming a Worship Associate?

Every year, new Worship Associates are welcomed to the Team as others finish their terms. If you have been a West Shore member for at least a year and would like to apply to serve as a Worship Associate, please complete the application below. Questions? Speak to Rev. Tricia Hart, or any of the current Worship Associates: Martha Boesel, Christine Salontay, Barbara Walker, Marilyn Weske, and Tom Williams.  Deadline is January 10, 2017