Sunday Morning

Upcoming Sermons


Sunday, October 1, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart, Worship Leader

Worship Associate: Martha Boesel

Navigating the ups and downs of life requires courage, patience, and faith that it’s all worth it. This is true for individuals, families, communities… even for congregations. Join us for a celebration of all the changes at West Shore in the past year, and some thoughts about how resilience happens.

Scared and Brave at the Same Time

Sunday, October 8, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart, Worship Leader

Worship Associate: Christine Salontay

Contemporary writer Brene [should be an accent on the last “e” of Brene]Brown says that courage always comes through vulnerability. Fear is an inevitable part of life, and can be crippling -- but facing, incorporating, even befriending our fears can be the way through, to courage. We don’t have to stay stuck. Ash Beckham says: “A closet is no place for a person to live."

On Taking a Position

Sunday, October 15, 10:15 AM

Rev. Patricia Hart and David Clements,
Worship Associate: Barbara Walker
Unitarian Universalist history provides us with examples of those who rose up and took a stand. Today as UUs we are being called by our leaders, our communities, and at times by a higher power to “answer the call of love” - to speak our truth and encourage others to do the same. How does one do that and at what cost? On this day of his ordination to the UU ministry, Dave will explore and share examples of those taking a position and sticking to it.

Imagine 2023

Sunday, October 22, 10:15 AM

Rev. Chris Long and Rev. Patricia Hart,
and the Dreaming Team 
West Shore has long been known for transformative social and racial justice efforts within the congregation and in the larger community. What if we imagine, together, moving more deeply into the vision of a more racially and socially just church, community, and world, letting our relationships with each other and UU Principle Three guide us? How could a “Faith Development Strategy and Process” lead us closer to living more fully into what we profess, and engage more fully within the community? 2017 CONNECTION FAIR after the service!

When Veils are Thin

Sunday, October 29, 10:15 AM

Worship Leader, Rev. Patricia Hart

Worship Associate: Dana Morgan

A multigenerational celebration of life, inspired by traditions from the "Day of the Dead." All generations are most welcome in this service, during which we will remember loved ones no longer with us. Bring pictures or objects that represent people or pets who have died.


Worship Associates

Martha Boesel. Maura Garin. Dana Morgan.
Christine Salontay. Barbara Walker.

                   Marilyn Weske. Tom Williams.                                                

Worship Associates are integral to the worship life of the congregation. Liturgy means "the people 's work" and it is the task of the worship associate to bring the voice of the congregation into the worship service. Worship Associates serve as liturgists of the congregation, working with the minister to help shape word, song, mood and theme of the service. They may write an original invocation, prayer or benediction. They assist with all the technical "set up" of the service, from ensuring there is enough gel to ignite a flame to looking up and marking hymns in the hymnal. Sometimes, worship associates may deliver a piece of the sermon; or, in the summer, they have the option of doing a sermon and a service by themselves. WA's meet monthly for review of past services, to look ahead at future ones and to discuss monthly themes. Individual worship associates will meet with the minister about ten days to a week in advance of the service (longer if possible) to discuss his/her role in the service.


Are You Interested in Becoming a Worship Associate?

Every year, new Worship Associates are welcomed to the Team as others finish their terms. If you have been a West Shore member for at least a year and would like to apply to serve as a Worship Associate, please complete the application below. Questions? Speak to Rev. Tricia Hart, or any of the current Worship Associates: Martha Boesel, Christine Salontay, Barbara Walker, Marilyn Weske, and Tom Williams.  Deadline is January 10, 2017