PUURL = Practicing a Unitarian Universalist Religious Life



Lifespan Faith Development at West Shore for Adults


The "pearl of great price" is an image used in both Western and Eastern scriptures to describe the goal of religious living. In a non-creedal church like ours, we do not use doctrinal language to de-fine that goal for our members. Our members tell us what the "pearl of great price" means to them: personal growth, integrity of belief and action, wisdom regarding life's meanings, and deepening compassion for self and for others.
How does West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church help its members find this pearl? The initials PUURL stand for something beyond the clever acronym, and something beyond taking a class. “Practicing a Unitarian Universalist Religious Life” summarizes the central reason for being a part of this church. In this sense, PUURL is not just one program among many in our church that you can choose to participate in. Rather, PUURL is the program of the church. Engaging in PUURL encompasses all that this church offers: connecting with your highest values and with others who share them; growing in wisdom and compassion; and serving needs greater than your own.

Below is both the current brochure for West Shore's Adult Religious Education Program, entitled "Practicing a UU Religious Life" (PUURL) as well as archived issues of PUURL. We strongly recommend that you sign up for classes; either on Sunday morning at the church office or on-line. If we need to cancel a class for whatever reason, we need to reach you! Also, your registration helps us make the most appropriate room assignments. Almost all classes are open to the public; most require advance registration. You will be contacted by the church office if a class is canceled. The PUURL fee is based on an honor system per quarter: $10 for members; $20 for non-member, which includes all classes and programs.