Practicing a Unitarian Universalist Religious Life (PUURL)

We believe that a well-balanced spiritual life is grounded in diverse spiritual practices. At West Shore, we invite you to explore your religious life and growth through a variety of classes, practice groups, and cultural religious education offerings. West Shore’s Lifespan Faith Development program for adults is entitled “PUURL” or “Practicing a Unitarian Universalist Religious Life."

The "pearl of great price" is an image used in both Western and Eastern scriptures to describe the goal of religious living. In a non-creedal church like ours, we don't use doctrinal language to define that goal for our members. Our members tell us what that "pearl of great price" means to them: personal growth, integrity of belief and action, wisdom regarding life's meanings, and deepening compassion for self and for others. How does West Shore Church help its members find this pearl? One way is through exploring what is involved in "PUURL."

West Shore Members and Friends: Is there a class you’d like to facilitate or one you’re dreaming we’d offer?  Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Please contact with your ideas/suggestions for PUURL (Practicing a UU Religious Life).