How Our Church Transforms Lives

In a recent survey, our members were asked to articulate one thing about how the church has changed their lives. Here are some of their responses:

“I joined the church because of what I didn’t have to believe; I’ve stayed because I found so much to believe in.”

“I can make a difference, however small, in the lives of others.”

“In this church I found the courage to be myself and find my authentic self.”

“This church keeps me from being seduced by the material, commercial world. That one hour on Sunday morning is my time to remember my values, priorities, and my dreams.  I can’t imagine how I would have lived my life without that.”

“This church helps me remember the commonality of all people – that love is the only avenue toward a just and sustainable future for our planet.”

“The people of this church inspire me to be a better person.”

“West Shore has been there for me on life’s journey.”

“This church’s children’s programs mirror my values.  There is a strong connection between my church and my home.”

“This church saved me, spiritually, from leaving religion.”

“This church let me find myself and grow like I never imagined.  I am more because I belong to this church.”

Click here to go to a UUA web page with a 10 minute video about our faith with more UU's from across the country speaking about how the church has changed their lives.

Simply attending or even becoming a member of West Shore church is not life-transforming in itself. The most meaningful things in our lives require us to take time. Whether it is our most important relationships, or the gifts and talents we have developed into a career or avocation, we get back in meaning according to what we are willing to invest.

People tell us that West Shore Church has changed their lives through the insights and emotions aroused by one worship service or sermon. More often, the kinds of life-changing experiences that people describe above come because people keep coming, keep risking, keep opening up to new possibilities for relationships and for involvement. West Shore will change your life if you let it.